Making Hebden Bridge a better place for all


The work of the Partnership.....

The period since the Partnership’s 2005 Action Plan has been a busy one, helping in a range of developments in Hebden Bridge in association with other active involved organisations.

We have held regular meetings which allowed for progress on realising our priority projects to be shared and discussed. Our priority projects from 2005 until 2012 were: the Town Hall development; Pennine Horizons heritage initiative; Calder Holmes Park and Memorial Gardens; the market; Central St.

Our Annual General Meetings have been lively occasions where anything up to 35 organisations have made use of the two and a half minute slot given to them to share their work and experiences.

The Partnership has engaged in other issues, including the development of allotments, an area Hebden Royd Town Council has taken a strong lead.

The Partnership has carried out a variety of surveys, including those on housing, disabled access in the Town, a Shop and Business analysis, and Parking (the latter in association with Leeds Metropolitan University).

In the period of preparation for our ”2020 Vision” draft action plan consultations and an open working day session Day at Wainsgate Chapel in March 2012 resulted in much needed information, ideas and community involvement. The final draft version has benefited from many people’s suggestions and ideas.

We continue to aim to extend our membership locally, and to try to make our quarterly open meetings informative and useful to all. We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting.

As background to the early work of the Partnership, we are making available here the original Upper Calder Valley Renaissance plan, produced by the consultant John Thornton in 2004. It is interesting to see which of the ideas put forward at that time have come to fruition!

Also of possible interest may be the findings of a group of students on the MA Town and Regional Planning course at Leeds Metropolitan University, who in Spring 2010 carried out a study in Hebden Bridge.

They looked at the town as a whole and made their recommendations for what improvements might be made for a more sustainable future. They looked at connections from the railway station to the town centre, green areas and many innovative ideas came through.

Below are a series of links to see the students' presentations;